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Highly targeted campaigns that focus
on the strengths of your business

Reduce wasted PPC Spend

Improve PPC efficiency by up to 50%

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Medical Pay Per Click (Google Ads / Adwords)

Over 80% of all visitors to medical related websites come from search engines such as Google

Pay Per Click (Adwords / Google Ads) for Medical Businesses is highly competitive and, potentially fraught with danger for the unwary…”it’s easy to spend money”, as they say. Stride has extensive experience managing PPC accounts for medical related businesses. We believe this is crucial to getting you the best medical PPC strategy and results. We specialise providing PPC for medical companies and have been delivering highly effective campaigns for this industry for many years. Whether you are a small or large, we can help you achieve online success. We do not use long contracts – our results keep our medical PPC clients happy and engaged.

ppc services

We have an excellent track record of reducing wasted spend from existing campaigns and building cost effective and profitable campaigns for new customers.

  • Understand your business strengths and objectives in depth

    It is essential to understand and think like your customers to be successful

  • Build highly focused campaigns

    Attract serious quality leads and not the time wasters

  • Create ad copy that attracts only the customers you want

    Make your ads relevant and appealing to your potential customers

  • Work with you to optimise your landing pages

    Bring the customer to a page that is exactly what they are looking for

  • Optimise bidding strategies within your budget

    There are many sophisticated ways to get the most out of your budget

  • Constantly monitor and change campaigns to reflect seasonality, and market trends

    Keep your campaigns relevant and optimised

  • Monitor your competitor’s activity

    Constantly monitor market activity to keep you ahead of the competition

  • Work closely with Google to keep up to date with market developments

We are medical industry PPC specialists with a portfolio of clients across the UK and Europe so if you want the most out of your online marketing budget and want to take your PPC campaigns to a new level of success then get in touch and see how our strategic approach to medical industry PPC can work for you. As well as high quality PPC for medical companies we also provide highly targeted PPC campaigns which focus on the strengths of your business.

Take the first steps to improving your SEO or PPC by completing our free assessment form