About Stride Media

Our dedicated team is headed by Bob Taylor, who has had a long and successful career, and has held senior management positions in a wide variety of business sectors.

““I have established Stride Media to help businesses, small and large to achieve their online objectives. This was partly born out of my own frustrationsin dealing with agencies that did not understand the dynamics of my industry and didn’t bother to understand the needs of my business…having been on your side of the desk, I believe that the ability to think and act like a marketing department within your business is the key to a successful and profitable partnership.”
Bob Taylor, MD Stride Media

  • Low Cost

    Attracting customers that are specifically interested in what you are offering and eliminating wasted expenditure.

  • Highly Flexible

    Reacting to market conditions, availability issues and world events.

  • Highly Controllable

    The ability to change offers, advertising copy and even the destinations being targeted in minutes.

  • Low Risk

    No contract or long term commitment, try it and see for yourself.

  • Fast Results

    As soon as the campaign goes live, potential customers are coming on to your website.

  • Proven Success

    High quality calls that convert to valuable bookings.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how you could use our specialist services to maximise your internet sales opportunities, by specifically targeting customers who are actively looking for what you are offering. Contact us for further information.